Cyclospasmol, Cyclandelate  Capsule
  • Cyclospasmol, Cyclandelate  Capsule
  • 环扁桃酯 膠囊

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Cyclospasmol, Cyclandelate Capsule

Cyclospasmol (Cyclandelate) is a vasodilator that is prescribed to help manage problems caused by poor blood circulation. It helps to increase the size of blood vessels.
US Brand Name Cyclandelate
Generic Name Cyclandelate
Other Brand Name Cyclospasmol
Manufacturer Elder Pharmaceuticals
Packing 10
Form Capsule
Strength 400 mg

  • 100 tabs capsule 200 mg $32.00
  • 100 tabs capsule 400 mg $49.00
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Cyclandelate is used for pain relieve for pains due to smooth muscle spasm.

How it Works

Cyclandelate is known as a vasodilator. Cyclandelate works by dilating the blood vessels which allows the blood to circulate easily thus preventing the muscle spasm from continuing and relieving the pain.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Cyclandelate include the symptoms below;

Dry skin,
Loss of accommodation,
Slow heart rate,
Dilatation of pupil,
Increased heart rate,
Excessive thirst,
Reduced bronchial secretions,
Dry mouth,
Difficulty in urination,