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Misoprostol is prescribed to help prevent gastric ulcers in individuals being treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin.
US Brand Name Cytotec 100mcg
Generic Name Misoprostol
Other Brand Name Misoprost
Manufacturer Cipla
Packing 4, 8
Form Tablets
Strength 100mcg, 200mcg

  • 8 tabs 200 mcg $16.00
Available online
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Misoprostol is used in medical abortion, labor induction and post-delivery bleeding.

How it Works

Misoprostol increases contractions of the uterus to cause abortion or to help labour induction. It can also prevent post-delivery bleeding due to poor contraction of the uterus by helping to increase the muscle contraction in the uterus to stop bleeding.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Misoprostol may suffer from such side effects;

Uterine bleeding,
Infection following abortion,
Uterine cramps


Misoprostol is a very helpful drug, used to treat the major and minor issue of ulcer problem that is formed in the intestines and stomach. This drug is mainly taken by people who are already taking medicines to treat problems such as arthritis. The chance of getting ulcers in these people increases to a higher extent.


People, who are using non steroidal drugs to cure the arthritis problem, mainly suffer from stomach ulcers. This drug helps in maintaining the inner lining that is present in the stomach and intestines. The formation or maintenance of this thin line will help to get rid of the formation of ulcers.
The secretion of acid in the stomach can also be controlled by the use of this drug. Excessive formation of acid is avoided and hence the case of heartburn and ulcers are also avoided to a greater extent.

Dosage and administration

It is available in 100mcg and 200mcg form. It should not be chewed and should be taken directly as per the prescription. The higher dose of this drug can be referred as per the health condition. It should not be consumed more than four times during a day. It must be used after taking the meals. Don’t take it with an empty stomach.
A regular intake of the medicine will revert back with satisfied results. The formation of stomach ulcers will be reduced. Pregnant women must be careful while using it. Women undergoing menstrual cycle must use this drug during fourth day of their period.


Misoprostol is advised to be taken only with proper prescription from the reputed physician. Pregnant women should always avoid using this drug as it can create serious complications. There is a chance of giving birth to baby with birth defects.

Important Precautions

Any sort of complications, whether minor or major should be immediately taken into account and must be informed to the doctor.

Side effects

All types of drugs are associated with minor to major side effects. Intake of this drug may or may not pose any side effects to the patient. A few people have experienced side effects such as stomach pain, constipation and headache issue. Formation of more gas in the stomach can also be experienced. The case of indigestion can also come into picture. If blood comes during vomiting or passing stools, it should be immediately brought to the consideration of the physician.

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Great Product

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great service, quality product

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Buy Pharma provides prompt reliable service and quality product. Quick response to questions. Secure checkout. I highly recommend.

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Perfect transaction

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About 11 days to Eastern US, product did the trick perfectly and customer support was very good with communication.

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This is a great product I've tried this and got the promised results!!!

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Posted by JAZMIN on 3/15/15 12:30 AM

This product worked out great for me just as it was supposed to, if you have any doubts about this product being fake, don't, it is the real deal it helped me so much with my situation, I would definitely recommend this to others!!!

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Posted by JAZMIN on 3/15/15 12:26 AM

I ordered from the site on Feb.15th I got my package a couple weeks later as promised, the medicine was legit meaning it was the real deal, it did everything it is advertised for I am very happy with my order from buy-pharma! I would order from them again, I would definitely recommend this site to others. Thank you buy-pharma you guys helped me so much I got exactly what I wanted.

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