Oxybutynin Xl
  • Oxybutynin Xl
  • 奥昔布宁Xl 片

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Oxybutynin Xl

Oxybutynin Chloride Extended Release is prescribed to help treat symptoms of overactive bladder, such as excessive nighttime urination, frequent or urgent urination, or incontinence.
US Brand Name Ditropan Xl
Generic Name Oxybutynin Xl
Other Brand Name Tropan Xl
Packing 50
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Form Tablet
Strength 5mg

  • 50 tabs 5mg $55.50
Available online
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  • Tropan XL 5, Generic Ditropan XL, Oxybutynin Chloride XL, 5 mg, Strip

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Oxybutynin is used for the treatment of overactive urinary bladder (oab).

How it Works

Oxybutynin works by relaxing the muscles of the urinary bladder and thus prevents frequent, urgent or uncontrolled urination. Oxybutynin alleviate these symptoms by relaxing the muscles of the bladder, which then helps to decrease the urge to urinate, as well as treating other symptoms such as leakage.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Oxybutynin may suffer from such side effects;

Dry eyes,
Dry mouth,
Dry skin,
Blurry vision