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Pain Relief

  • Ketorolac


    Generic Name: Ketorolac / KETANOV
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 10 mg
  • Piroxicam


    Generic Name: Piroxicam
    Form: Gel
    Strength: 5mg/gm
  • Bromfenac Sodium

    Bromfenac Sodium

    Generic Name: Bromfenac
    Form: Eyedrops
    Strength: 0.1%, 0.3%
  • Bidanzen Forte

    Bidanzen Forte

    Generic Name: Serratiopeptidase
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 10mg
    Out of Stock
  • Bidanzen


    Generic Name: Serratiopeptidase
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 5mg
    Out of Stock
  • Calpol Paed Drops

    Calpol Paed Drops

    Generic Name: Paracetamol
    Form: Drops
    Strength: 100mg x 1ml x 15ml
  • Camylofin, Injection

    Camylofin, Injection

    Generic Name: Camylofin
    Form: Injection
    Strength: 20 mg/ml
    Out of Stock
  • Diclofenac , Capsaicin Gel

    Diclofenac , Capsaicin Gel

    Generic Name: Diclofenac Sodium 1% , Linseed Oil 3%, Menthol 5%, Methyl Salicylic acid 10%, Benzyl Alcohol 1%, Capsaicin 0.025%
    Form: Gel
    Strength: 0.25 mg/gm
  • Panadol Regular

    Panadol Regular

    Generic Name: Paracetamol
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: 500mg
    Out of Stock
  • Panadol Extra

    Panadol Extra

    Generic Name: Paracetamol, Caffeine
    Form: Tablet
    Strength: Paracetamol 500mg, Caffeine 65mg
    Out of Stock
  • Celebrex


    Generic Name: Celecoxib
    Form: Capsule
    Strength: 100mg, 200mg
  • Indomethacin. SR Tabs

    Indomethacin. SR Tabs

    Generic Name: Indomethacin
    Form: Capsule
    Strength: 75mg
  • Axorid


    Generic Name: Ketoprofen, Omeprazole
    Form: Capsule
    Strength: Ketoprofen 100mg, Omeprazole 25mg
  • Solaraze Gel

    Solaraze Gel

    Generic Name: Diclofenac Sodium
    Form: Gel
    Strength: 3% 50gm
  • Nupatch Patch

    Nupatch Patch

    Generic Name: Diclofenac Transdermal System
    Form: PATCHES
    Strength: 100mg