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Rotari Oral Suspension Injection

Rotari Oral Suspension Injection is a vaccine which is used in the prevention of the rotavirus infection in infants and young children. Rotari Oral Suspension Injection works to allow the body to produce immunity against the rotavirus or to lessen the severity of the infection.
US Brand Name Rotari (Oral Suspension)
Generic Name live attenuated RIX4414 strain of human rotavirus of theγ€€G1P[8] type
Other Brand Name Rotari (Oral Suspension)
Packing 1
Manufacturer GSK
Form Vial
Strength 1million x 1ml

  • 1 Vial X 1ml $54.00
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human rotavirus


Human rotavirus is used to prevent the body against rotavirus infections.

How it Works

Human rotavirus works to develop immunity by initiating a mild infection in the body. This infection does not cause serious illness, however, it does stimulate the body's immune system to produce antibodies to protect against the infection thus creating an immune system to fight off any future infections.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Human rotavirus can include the symptoms below;

Application site irritation,
Muscle pain,
Joint pain,
Application site redness of skin,