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Saline, Sodium Chloride IP Nasal Drops

US Brand Name Saline
Generic Name Sodium Chloride IP
Other Brand Name Rhine
Manufacturer Cadila Pharma
Packing 15 ml
Form Nasal Drops
Strength 0.65% w/v 15 ml

  • 0.65% w/v 15 ml $4.90
Available online
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Sodium Chloride Topical


Sodium Chloride topical is used in the treatment or prevention of nasal congestion.

How it Works

Sodium chloride topical just contains salt and water, Sodium chloride topical doesn't contain any medication. Sodium chloride topical relieves nasal congestion such as stuffy nose or runny nose. Sodium chloride topical does this by by thinning mucus and moisturizing the inside of the nose.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Saline, Sodium Chloride IP Nasal Drops can include the symptoms below;

Stomach pain