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T-Bact Ointment

T-bact Ointment (Mupirocin) is a topical antibiotic that is prescribed to help treat certain bacterial skin infections, such as mild impetigo.
US Brand Name T-Bact
Generic Name Mupirocin
Other Brand Name T-Bact
Packing 1
Manufacturer GSK
Form Ointment
Strength 2 % w/w

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  • T-bact Ointment, Mupirocin 2% 5gm Tube
  • T-bact Ointment, Mupirocin 2% 5gm Tube Information
  • T-bact Ointment, Mupirocin 2% 5gm Box
  • T-bact Ointment, Mupirocin 2% 5gm Box Information
  • T-bact Ointment, Mupirocin 2% 5gm Box GSK Manufacturer

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Mupirocin Topical


T-Bact Ointment is used in the treatment of bacterial infections and the symptoms it can cause

How it Works

Mupirocin topical works by stopping the growth of bacteria that cause infections.

Common Side effects

Patients who take T-Bact Ointment may suffer from such side effects;

Application site irritation,
Burning sensation,

Customer Reviews
Rated: 5.0 / 5 based on 1 customer reviews

Mupirocin works great - knocks down Staph Aureus flare ups down every time!

Posted by From Los Angeles California on 12/24/17 9:38 PM

If I get a cold, and start blowing my nose, eventually I'll get a skin infection around my nose - identical to what a Staph Aureus infection would look like - I've had these my whole life. And the normal 'Neosporin' oinment (comprised of neomycin, bacitracin, and polymyxin - antibiotics) does not help. In fact, if I ever smear a pending infection with Neosporin ointment - the infection get immediately 10x worse - it's like the Staph Aureus eats the Neosporin ointment and just grows on the stuff (either that, or the neosporin actually wipes out the good bacteria and leaves the field clear for the Staph to take over). However, it is very hard for Staph Aureus to become immune to Mupirocin - and so for years, I have used this ointment to prevent a full-blown Staph infection around my nose - as long as I apply some for 1-2 days straight as soon as I sense an irritation or a skin break has allowed a red-spot to show up, this will knock down the infection and prevent the skin from breaking into a full-blown oozing / crusty spot. So, yes, this Mupirocin is good stuff - every effective and highly recommended as a topical antibiotic.

Note: does not imply any medical claims from this review.