Berirab P
  • Berirab P
  • 人狂犬病免疫球蛋白 注射

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Berirab P

Berirab P is an inactivated vaccine. Berirab P is used for the prevention of rabies. Berirab P helps the body to develop immunity by introducing the virus to the body in small amounts which causes the body to form antibodies to fight off the infection this prevents the return of the virus in the future.
US Brand Name Berirab P
Generic Name Human Rabies Immunoglobulin
Other Brand Name Berirab
Packing 2ml
Manufacturer CSL Behring
Form Prefilled Syringe
Strength 300IU

  • 300 IU 2ml Refilled Syringe $199.00
Available online

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