Betamethasone Valerate/ Clioquinol Cream
  • Betamethasone Valerate/ Clioquinol Cream
  • 倍他米松戊酸盐/ 氯碘羟喹 膏

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Betamethasone Valerate/ Clioquinol Cream

Betnovate - C Cream (Betamethasone Valerate/Clioquinol) manages inflammatory skin infections.
US Brand Name Betnovate- C
Generic Name Betamethasone Valerate/ Clioquinol
Other Brand Name Betnovate- C
Packing 30g
Manufacturer Glaxo Smithkline
Form Cream
Strength Betamethasone 0.1%/ Clioquinol 3%
Country India

  • Cream 30g Betamethasone 0.1%/ Clioquinol 3% $5.90
Available online
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  • Betnovate- C, Betamethasone Valerate/ Clioquinol Cream tube
  • Betnovate- C, Betamethasone Valerate/ Clioquinol Cream tube information

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Betamethasone Topical


Betamethasone Topical is used in the treatment of allergic disorders.

How it Works

Betamethasone topical is known as a corticosteroid which is an anti-inflammatory medicine. Betamethasone Topical works by reducing redness, itching, and swelling caused by various skin conditions.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Betamethasone Topical may suffer from such side effects;

Skin thinning,
Contact dermatitis