• Caltuf
  • 马来酸钙/吡哆醛5' - 磷酸盐/甲钴胺/ L-甲基叶酸钙/维生素K2 /胆钙化醇 片

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Caltuf is used for the treatment of nerve damage and neurological disorders. Caltuf works to provide the body with folate and works to recover damaged nerve cells.
US Brand Name Caltuf
Generic Name Calcium Citrate Maleate/ Pyridoxal 5' - Phosphate/ Methylcobalamin/ L-Methyl Folate Calcium/ Vitamin K2/ Cholecalciferol
Other Brand Name Caltuf
Packing 10
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma
Form Tablets
Strength Calcium Citrate Maleate 250mg/ Pyridoxal 5' - Phosphate 1.5mg/ Methylcobalamin 1500mcg/ L-Methyl Folate Calcium 0.5mg/ Vitamin K2 10mcg/ Cholecalciferol 400IU

  • 10 tab $10.00
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