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Complamina Retard

US Brand Name Complamina Retard
Generic Name Xanthinol Nicotinate
Other Brand Name Complamina Retard
Packing 10
Manufacturer German Remedies
Form tablet
Strength 500mg

  • 10 Tablet 500mg $6.40
Available online
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  • Complamina Retard 500, Xantinol Nicotinate 500mg Sustained Release Box Top
  • Complamina Retard 500, Xantinol Nicotinate 500mg Sustained Release Box Side
  • Complamina Retard 500, Xantinol Nicotinate 500mg Sustained Release Box Manufacturer Zydus Healthcare
  • Complamina Retard 500, Xantinol Nicotinate 500mg Sustained Release Box Batch

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Xanthinol Nicotinate


Xantinol Nicotinate is used in the treatment of pain due to smooth muscle spasm.

How it Works

Xantinol nicotinate is known as an ester of theophylline and nicotinic acid works as a peripheral vasodilator.

Common Side effects

Patients who take antinol Nicotinate may suffer from such side effects;

Slow heart rate,
Dry mouth,
Increased heart rate,
Dry skin,
Difficulty in urination,
Excessive thirst,
Dilatation of pupil,
Reduced bronchial secretions,
Loss of accommodation

Customer Reviews
Rated: 5.0 / 5 based on 1 customer reviews

Better memory t

Posted by Michael on 3/2/16 6:44 PM

Xanthinol Nicotinate - my doctor says improves memory tests

Note: does not imply any medical claims from this review.