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Ezedoc, Ezetimibe

US Brand Name Ezedoc
Generic Name Ezetimibe
Other Brand Name Ezedoc
Packing 10
Manufacturer Lupin
Form Tablet
Strength 5mg, 10mg

  • 10 tab 5 mg $6.56
  • 10 tab 10 mg $8.27
Available online
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Ezedoc is used in the treatment for reducing the increased cholesterol levels in blood

How it Works

Ezedoc is known as a cholesterol absorption inhibitor. Ezedoc is indicated for the lowering of cholesterol levels caused by by conditions such as hypercholesterolaemia. Ezedoc works by reducing the amount of cholesterol you absorb from food. Ezedoc has also been prescribed for high levels of cholesterol caused by rare inherited conditions such as phytosterolaemia and homozygous sistosterolaemia. Ezedoc is frequently used alongside exercise and special dietary plans.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Ezedoc may suffer from such side effects;

Joint pain,
Sinus inflammation,
Limb pain,
Respiratory tract infectio