Ganirelix Acetate
  • Ganirelix Acetate
  • Generic Antagon. Ganirelix Acetate 注射

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Ganirelix Acetate

Ganirelix Acetate Injection Syringe is administered to prevent premature luteinizing hormone surges in women undergoing controlled ovarian hyperstimulation.
US Brand Name Antagon
Generic Name Ganirelix Acetate
Other Brand Name Gonarelix
Packing 1
Manufacturer Sun Pharma
Form Injection Syringe
Strength 0.25mg x 0.5ml

  • 0.25mg x 0.5ml Filled injection syringe $147.86
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Ganirelix is used in the treatment of female infertility

How it Works

In females undergoing treatment for infertility, sometimes premature ovulation can lead to the release of eggs which are not ready for fertilization. Ganirelix works by blocking the release of a certain hormone known as the luteinizing hormone. Ganirelix stops eggs from being released too early and gives the eggs time to grow properly. In males, Ganirelix lowers the amount of testosterone which is a male hormone produced by the body. This may slow or stop the spread and growth of prostate cancer cells that need testosterone to grow.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Ganirelix may suffer from such side effects;

Abdominal pain,
Injection site reaction,
Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome