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Kiwof Easy Chews Praziquantel/ Pyrantel Pamoate

KIWOF Easy Chews for Cats (Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate) is prescribed for the treatment of hookworms, tapeworms, as well as roundworms.
US Brand Name Drontal
Generic Name Praziquantal + Pyrantel
Other Brand Name Kiwof Easy Chews, Prazivet Cat
Packing 10
Manufacturer Cipla, Sava
Form Chewable Tablet
Strength Praziquantel 20mg/ Pyrantel pamoate 230mg

  • 4 tabs Praziquantel USP 20 mg, Pyrantel pamoate USP 230 mg $9.00
  • KIWOF PLUS Easy Chews for Dogs (Praziquantel Pyrantel Pamoate Febantel) 50mg 144mg 150mg 20 Tab $9.80
Available online
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  • Kiwof Easy Chews, Generic Drontal, Praziquantel 20mg and Pyrantel Pamoate 230mg Box Information

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Pyrantel is used in the treatment of parasitic heartworm infections in dogs

How it Works

Pyrantel is an heartworm preventative or known as anthelmintic which is prescribed for use in dogs. Pyrantel works by destroying heartworm larvae. Pyrantel works by causing paralysis of the worms and removing them out of the body.

Common Side effects

Animals which use Pyrantel may suffer from such side effects;

Excessive weight loss,
Loss of appetite,
Dilated pupils,
Tremors or convulsions



Praziquantel is used in the treatment of human parasite infections, schistosoma infections.

How it Works

Praziquantel is known as an anthelmintic. Praziquantel works for human parasite infections by stopping the insect larvae from growing and spreading. Praziquantel affects the permeability of the cell membrane by making it weaker thereby killing the worms.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Praziquantel may suffer from such side effects;

Abnormal liver function tests,
Hair loss,
Abdominal pain,