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Kojiglo Forte Cream

US Brand Name Kojiglo Forte Cream
Generic Name Allantoin/ Ascorbic Acid/ Hydroquinone/ Kojic Acid/ Niacinamide/ Pine Bark Extract/ Tetrahydrocurcumin/ Tetrahydropiperine
Other Brand Name Kojiglo Forte Cream
Packing 15g
Manufacturer Alkem Laboratories
Form Cream
Strength Allantoin 0.4%/ Ascorbic Acid 2%/ Hydroquinone 2%/ Kojic Acid 2%/ Niacinamide 4%/ Pine Bark Extract 6%/ Tetrahydrocurcumin 0.25%/ Tetrahydropiperine 0.05%

  • Cream 15g $18.55
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