• Lactulose
  • δΉ³ζžœη³– 药水

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Lactulose Solution may be used to treat constipation as well as to avert or manage certain complications of liver disease.
US Brand Name Chronulac
Generic Name Lactulose
Other Brand Name Osmolax, Duphalac, Livoluk, Laxoluz
Packing 100ml, 200ml, 250ml
Manufacturer Solvay, Abbott, Panacea Biotec, Fourrts India Laboratories
Form Solution
Strength 3.35g/5ml (10g/15ml)
Country India

  • Solution 100ml 3.335gm/5ml $9.90
  • Solution 250ml 3.335gm/5ml (Lemon flavour only) $20.18
  • Solution 200ml 3.335gm/5ml $17.90
Available online
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Lactulose Solution is used in the treatment of relieve of constipation.

How it Works

Lactulose Solution is known as a type of sugar. Lactulose Solution is broken down in the large intestine into mild acids which then work by drawing water into the intestine through osmosis, which makes the stool soft and easier to pass.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Lactulose Solution include the symptoms below;

Gaseous distention,