Winvax Ear, Cerumenolytics Ear drops
  • Winvax Ear, Cerumenolytics Ear drops
  • Winvax Ear, Cerumenolytics, Ear 滴剂

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Winvax Ear, Cerumenolytics Ear drops

Cerumenolytics Ear drops are used for the treatment of pain, congestion, inflammation and pain caused by build up of ear wax. Cerumenolytics Ear drops is an anesthetic and also analgesic which helps to numb the are and also decrease pain and inflammation, it contains glycerin which loosens the earwax making it easier to be extracted.
US Brand Name Winvax Ear
Generic Name Cerumenolytics
Other Brand Name Winvax Ear
Packing 10 ml
Manufacturer Unimarck
Form Drops
Strength benzocaine 2.7 %, chlorbutol 5 %, paradichlorobenzene 2 %, turpentine oil 15 %.

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