• Azelastine
  • 盐酸氮卓斯汀 眼药水

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Azelastine Hcl Eye Drop is an antihistamine that soothes eye allergies such as red and itchy eyes.
US Brand Name Optivar
Generic Name Azelastine Hcl
Other Brand Name Azelast 5 ml
Manufacturer SUN PHARMA
Packing 5 ml
Form Eye/D
Strength 0.05%

  • 0.05% 5 ml $5.90
Available online
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  • Azelast,  Generic Optivar,  Azelastine Hcl Eyedrop Bottle Information
  • Azelast,  Generic Optivar,  Azelastine Hcl Eyedrop Bottle

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Azelastine topical


Azelastine EyeDrop is used in the treatment and prevention of allergic disorders and the symptoms it can cause.

How it Works

Azelastine EyeDrop is known as an antihistaminic medication. Azelastine EyeDrop works by blocking the action of chemical messengers that are responsible for inflammation, congestion, itching, and other allergic reactions thus preventing the symptoms.

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Products are great

Posted by Alex on 4/11/17 10:37 PM

Everything is good ,Purchase went smooth and items certainly are helping, Thank you

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