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CZ 3 Syrup, Cetirizine

US Brand Name CZ 3 Syrup
Generic Name Cetirizine
Other Brand Name CZ 3 Syrup
Packing 60ml
Manufacturer Lupin
Form Syrup
Strength 5mg/5ml

  • 60ml 5mg/5ml $2.77
Available online
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CZ 3 Syrup is used in the treatment of allergies and the symptoms it can cause.

How it Works

CZ 3 Syrup is an antihistamine- anti-allergy medicine. There is a natural substance produced in the body called histamine, histamine is stored in the mast cells throughout the body. When an allergic reaction occurs due to exposure of pollen, dust etc. , cells in the body release histamine, this causes histamine to bind to certain receptors in the body, which then leads to allergy symptoms. By taking CZ 3 Syrup histamine is prevented from binding to its receptors, which helps to provide relief from hay fever symptoms and allergies.

Common Side effects

Patients who take CZ 3 Syrup may suffer from such side effects;

Vertigo and somnolence,
Uncomfortable feeling in the stomach,
Dry sensation affecting the inside of the mouth,
Dry mouth,
Stomach pain,