Uniqueness of Generic Plavix & Its Concomitant Use with Other Cardiovascular Drugs

Title: Uniqueness of Generic Plavix & Its Concomitant Use with Other Cardiovascular Drugs

A lot of individuals usually resort to a number of blood pressure and cholesterol drugs to avert or reduce their threat of a heart attack or stroke. But, you should remember one thing that blood pressure or cholesterol medications work only towards reducing your hypertension and high cholesterol level. They don’t directly deal with the development of blood clots that cause a majority of heart failures and strokes.

Generic Plavix (Clopidogrel) functions in such a manner that keeps blood platelet from binding together and constituting clots. This makes blood to flow without any difficulty, assisting to decrease the danger of an upcoming heart attack or stroke.

The chief objective of all blood pressure drugs is to lower blood pressure, but their way of carrying out that objective is different from one another. While some drugs just bring blood volume down, others spread out blood vessels or relax the hold or strain on a blood vessel. Numerous medications that lower cholesterol level act by decreasing the development of plaque (a small abnormal patch on or inside the body) and restricting the creation of new cholesterol. However, these medicines have no role to play in repressing the risk of blood clots, unlike generic Plavix (Clopidogrel).

Patients who have already experienced a heart attack or stroke are very much susceptible to have another such ailment in the future and that susceptibility always remains intact. Therefore, most doctors prescribe a combination of drugs to their patients, involving generic Plavix and other heart medicines.

Medical practitioners have been recommending Plavix for last 11 years or more and to individuals in excess of 90 millions. Many wide-ranging researches, clinical trials, and methodical findings have been performed by keeping Clopidogrel in focus. The potency of generic Plavix has been established and its safety profile is confirmed by 4 huge clinical trials comprising 81,000 participants. Discuss with your healthcare provider regarding Plavix and carry on the usage of all your medications as directed.

In clinical studies, the most frequent side effects of Clopidogrel included intense itching sensation (pruritus), a serious blizzard illustrated by the emergence of purplish blots or patches (purpura), diarrhea, and skin rashes. Severe, but less common adverse effects of Plavix may also occur.

Your medical doctor may prescribe generic Plavix (Clopidogrel) and aspirin to take on a daily basis if you have been admitted into a hospital with chest pain (unstable angina) related to heart or had a heart attack. Speak to your physician at all times before using aspirin or other cardiovascular drugs with Plavix, particularly if you’ve received a stroke. Inform your doctor if you have any hemorrhage or other troubles while you are on Plavix treatment. Reexamine any medications you are taking with your doctor of medicine, and always check with him before beginning or discontinuing any prescription or non-prescription drug, or any herbal or diets.

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