Adverse Effects of Livial Tibolone HRT Drug to Think About


Menopause is a natural phase in every woman’s life. However, a majority of women experience harrowing times during and after menopause in the form of displeasing symptoms ranging from hot flashes, lowered libido or sex drive, vaginal dryness, depression, insomnia, and greater possibility for osteoporosis. The effective remedy for allaying these symptoms is the use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that includes medications to substitute reduced hormones like estrogen or progesterone in your body after menopause.

Generic Livial (Tibolone) is a type of HRT drug, normally prescribed in most parts of Europe, including the United Kingdom, and Australia. Although Tibolone is well-known for its remarkable effectiveness, it poses numerous potential risks for adverse effects and difficulties in a number of patients.

The most frequent side effects of generic Livial are not life-threatening in nature. Many women have reported side effects related to the reproductive system such as vaginal discharge, menstrual spotting, itchiness or soreness, and pain in the breasts while continuing the medication. Other common adverse effects include putting on weight and a rise in hair growth. Abdominal pain has also been reported by several patients passing through generic Livial treatment.

Livial (Tibolone) may also cause several unpleasant and irritating, but not severe side effects in patients. Side effects which are neurological or psychological in nature include headache, wooziness, dejection, and distorted sight. Gastrointestinal effects like nausea, vomiting, constipation, and diarrhea have been experienced by some patients. The possibility of skin reactions is bright too with the occurrence of rashes, itching, and chloasma or a tan discoloration of a woman's face. Side effects of generic Livial may also include swelling, muscle or joint pain, and fluid retention.

The risk of using Tibolone may even go to the extreme level with the happening of severe medical conditions in patients. Some patients may suffer from a stroke or witness the development of blood clots with generic Livial usage. Some types of cancer such as breast, ovaries, and uterus cancer may also develop because of rising levels of estrogen. The functionality of liver may also get affected due to Tibolone treatment. As a result, patients will have pale stools as well as yellowing of the skin.

Generic Livial is primarily indicated in case of those women who have gone through menopause. The use of this drug is strictly prohibited at the time of pregnancy because of the risks of stillbirth or fetal death. Another thing to avoid during Tibolone treatment is smoking because it heightens the danger of growing blood clots or stroke. Your medical history plays a significant role in selecting generic Livial for your treatment. Your healthcare provider won’t prescribe Tibolone for you if you have past occurrence of stroke, blood clots, breast cancer, blood vessel disease, migraines or sick headache, liver disease, or brain disease. During the course of the treatment, it is very important to carry out pelvic checkups and mammograms annually to test for cancer.

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