Desmovital Nose Spray, Desmopressin

Desmovital Nose Spray


Desmovital Nose Spray



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Desmovital Nose Spray is used in the treatment of cranial diabetes insipidus and primary nocturnal enuresis.

How it Works

Desmovital Nose Spray is known as a vasopressin analogue, it is similar to a naturally occurring hormone called vasopressin, which is a antidiuretic hormone (ADH). Different levels of ADH has effect on your kidneys. It causes the kidneys to pass out less water in urine, so urine becomes more concentrated. Desmovital Nose Spray is used in the treatment of Diabetes insipidus, where the kidneys are not able to regulate how much water passes out in urine which is caused by reduced amount of ADH produced and released. Desmovital Nose Spray works in the same way as ADH, Desmovital Nose Spray replaces ADH that the body is lacking to help control the amount of urine one passes. Desmovital Nose Spray is also used in the treatment of nocturnal enuresis where Desmovital Nose Spray works by reducing the amount of urine a child makes at night to prevent bedwetting.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Rupatadine may suffer from such side effects;

Stomach pain,
Increased weight,
Feeling confused
Allergic-type reactions,
Emotional changes (agression) in children
With the nasal spray: nosebleeds and runny or blocked nose

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