Dosage Details & Side Effects of Generic Maxalt Rizatriptan Therapy

Title: Dosage Details & Side Effects of Generic Maxalt Rizatriptan Therapy

Maxalt is the one of the popular trade-name medications for the treatment of severe headaches such as migraines. Under the generic name Rizatriptan benzoate, this prescription drug has been marketed and distributed by renowned Merck and Co. One important thing to be noted here that Maxalt is not a treatment for preventing migraine attacks. It is only intended to curtail their extent. Proper use of generic Maxalt and its various likely side effects are mentioned hereafter.

Conforming to your doctor’s instructions becomes more and more imperative. Your generic Maxalt doses and their duration should be based on what precisely prescribed for you. You will ask for troubles by taking this medicine in excess amounts, or for a period of time longer than suggested by your physician. Making use of migraine medication too often and too much can in reality aggravate your headaches. Comply with the directions displayed on your prescription label.

Generic Maxalt treatment gets started shortly after you observe signs of headache, or after an attack has already been experienced by you. Your healthcare provider may be in favor of administering the first dose of this medication in a medical establishment or healthcare facility surroundings to check if you experience any life-threatening side effects. The normal practice is one Maxalt pill is taken whole with a full glass of water.

A question may arise what you need to do after taking the first dose if your migraine does not entirely disappear, or disappears and resurfaces. In such cases, you have to take a second pill two hours after the initial one. Never attempt to take over 30 mg of generic Maxalt within 24 hours. If there are no signs of improvement even after consuming two doses, you should make contact with your physician before going for any more pills. Inform your physician if you have gone through in excess of four headaches in 30 days.

In case of long-term use of generic Maxalt (Rizatriptan), the functioning of your heart should be checked from time to time by means of an electrocardiograph or ECG, a piece of equipment that quantifies electrical activeness of the heart. This will lend a helping hand to your doctor for finding out if this medicine is still safe to be used by you.

The most common side effects of Maxalt as established in clinical trials prior to the approval included vertigo, sleepiness, exhaustion, weakness and vomiting. These happened in 5-9 percent of volunteers.

One more fairly common side effect is unnatural sensations localized on the skin, such as burning, titillating or tingling. Some individuals also have dry mouth (xerostomia), or throat, jaw or neck pain.

People who are highly vulnerable to heart or blood vessel disorders can have heart-related symptoms when using generic Maxalt. Approximately 3 percent of members in some of the medical trials experienced pain in the chest and stiffness or stress. On the odd occasion, people with these threat elements have led to an uneven pulsation, or got a heart failure or stroke while using Maxalt. Other infrequent but severe side effects are bleeding diarrhea, breathlessness, unexpected serious abdominal pain and vision alterations.

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