Generic Ocufen, Flurbiprofen Ophthalmic Solution

Flurbiprofen Eye Drops are prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of inflammation of the eye. It is also used to prevent intraoperative miosis.

Ocufen, Ansaid, Ocufen, Strepfen


Eyeflur, FBN, Flur, Ocuflur

5ml, 10ml

NuLife Pharma, Allergan India, Micro Labs, FDC

Ophthalmic Solution



Flurbiprofen topocal

Flurbiprofen Topical is used in as a painkiller in the treatment of musculo-skeletal pain, dental pain and post operative pain.
How it Works
Flurbiprofen is known as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID. Flurbiprofen works by blocking the release of prostaglandin, these prostaglandins are the hormones that causes allergy symptoms and inflammation or swelling and redness.
Common Side effects
Some of the potential side effects of Flurbiprofen can include the symptoms below; Abdominal pain, Painful urination, Frequent urge to urinate, Lower back or side pain, Rash, Severe stomach pain, Bladder pain, Bloody or black, tarry stools, Bloody or cloudy urine, Constipation, Swelling, Vomiting of blood

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