Lengthen Your Eyelash with the Side Effect of Careprost Bimatoprost Eye Drop

In the field of medical science, Careprost (Bimatoprost opthalmic solution) has been in use to check the development of glaucoma and manage ocular hypertension. It is also used to decrease intraocular pressure by increasing the discharge of aqueous fluid from the eye. But one of the experienced side effects of Bimatoprost is its strange capability to grow eyelash hair. Since December 2008, Bimatoprost has been approved by the FDA as a safe to use product for eyelash prolongation and being traded under the product name Latisse by Allergan in addition to its Careprost eye drop for glaucoma and ocular hypertension. This is not for the first time that a medication in the market has a side effect which is used for beneficial purposes too.


Products used exclusively for their side effect attributes are not abnormal in the medical arena though it may give the impression of strangeness that a product be used for those attributes. Minoxidil is another instance of a drug side effect that is put to beneficial use. Minoxidil was earlier designed as a blood pressure medicine but as an effect of its application, re-growth of hair was reported as the side effect. Minoxidil is the active ingredient in Rogaine topical hair regrowth scheme and is also an FDA sanctioned medication for the treatment and prevention of hair loss.


People who have small or thinning eyelashes are great prospects for Latisse eyelash extender product in contrast to patients calling for eyelash restitution through hair transplant. Latisse is extremely advocated for thicker and longer eyelashes. Eyelash hair restoration is normally done through surgical process using scalp hair and implanted in the eyelash region. The best nominees for eyelash renovation are individuals who do not possess any eyelashes on all or part of their eyelids.


People who use ophthalmic prostaglandins such as travoprost and latanoprost, besides prostamides like Bimatoprost, have been clinically observed that they have developed lengthy and blossoming eyelashes. Allergan has pioneered clinical trials looking into the utilization of Careprost as a cosmetic drug. On December 5, 2008, the FDA Dermatologic and Ophthalmic Drugs Advisory Committee cast its vote to approve Bimatoprost for the enhancive use of blackening and extending eyelashes.


Some companies such as Jan Marini Skin Research, Athena Cosmetics Corp., and Photomedex Inc. have developed cosmetic products for the growth of eyelashes based on prostaglandin analogs as non-drug cosmetics. All these companies have been litigated by Allergan for the violation of patent act. The FDA has banned the product of Jan Marini Skin Research as an unapproved and misbranded medication as the alleged company promoted it as a drug that could aid in eyelash growth.


Careprost is also thought to have fat-reducing properties around the eyes. Reductions in orbital fat (i.e., fat around the eye) have been detected in patients using Bimatoprost as glaucoma therapy. Of particular interest, the loss of orbital fat was one-sided in patients who used Bimatoprost on only one eye. The effect comes out reversible upon surcease of Bimatoprost use.

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