Metformin as an Important Drug!

As Diabetics have fewer options, Metformin has acted as an Important Drug!



Dealing with diabetes is a problem for many people because the blood sugar isn’t easily controlled. The problem is doubled because many people do not realize that they have diabetes, unless there is a medical problem and they get checked by the doctors. Once diabetes has been diagnosed, it becomes essential to have the right kind of treatment. This will not only control the disease properly but also prevent further serious issues from developing, such as macrovascular complications. When diabetes is first detected, people are often prescribed metformin as the first line drug.


+Giving fresh options to diabetics with quality effects on the blood glucose levels


Previously, sulphonylureas, such as glipizide or glimepiride, were the usual drugs prescribed and such drugs are still being given to patients today. However, after proven studies, doctors have seen good effects when they give this drug to their patients. Currently, this drug appears to have taken the market by storm, with many companies also manufacturing and marketing the drug formulation. This particular drug has a very novel way in which it acts. The previously popular sulphonylureas are now relegated into the second choice of drugs, while biguanide group of drugs are fast gaining popularity. These have a better mechanism of action than other forms of anti-diabetic drugs in tackling issues with insulin resistance.


+No harmful effects  are seen with this anti-diabetic drug, and also suited to many patients


While most of the anti-diabetic drugs have some form of hypoglycaemic effects and are not well suited for many people, biguanides actually are well tolerated by many diabetic patients. Insulin, on the other hand is having good effects on the blood sugar control, but still does not fare well due to its regularity and disciplined use. Besides, sugar level fluctuations can occur with most of the insulin preparations. In all these scenarios, this particular drug has been quite handy and liked by many patients because they remain active against insulin resistance, overcoming the issues with their particular condition. In many patients, this is supposedly very difficult to be treated, especially by other groups of drugs and hence biguanides have become the major choice of drug.


+Good response found with the drug either alone or in combinations


More and more newer drugs are being tried these days in patients with diabetes. They are having good effects, but not up to the expectations of this particular drug that has helped market expectations reach very high levels. Most of the patients taking metformin are responding very well hence they wish to continue taking this drug. Some patients have good control of their condition for a very long period of time by making some changes to their lifestyle and dietary habits plus engaging in regular exercise. It is always best to check if drugs are having the right effects and for diabetes treatment, this particular therapy can be carried on for a long time, at different doses and formulations, and sometimes in combination with other anti-diabetic drugs.

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