Metformin Works in Unique Ways!

Metformin Works in Unique Ways to Reduce the Blood Sugar Levels.



Many anti-diabetic drugs have come into the market with the disease being experienced by many people. With lifestyle changes and being sedentary, this metabolic disease has been quite common in the society and lots of people are suffering from the problem of raised blood sugar. When diabetes afflicts people, they get troubled because of the complications associated with the disease in the long run. Although, the natural progression of the disease depends a lot on the presence of functioning pancreatic tissue, the drugs aimed for diabetics are designed to help in increasing the outflow of insulin for acting on the blood sugar levels. This has been the basis of most of the drugs acting on diabetes since many years, especially with the sulphonylureas, which have been well established in the market and have been in use since many decades. In the last couple of decades, the therapy of diabetes has changed towards a preference for biguanides, especially metformin and phenformin, the former being in rampant use in this modern day scenario.


Along with exercise and diet control, the drug has plenty of good effects


The new drug of biguanides actually benefits patients in not working on the pancreatic beta cells. They don’t actually increase the secretions of the insulin but give improved functions of the insulin on the peripheral parts of the body such as muscles and adipose tissue. Furthermore, this drug does not cause weight gain and in turn helps in the reduction of weight. When combined with dieting and exercise, this drug can be highly beneficial for the body in controlling the blood sugar levels. Many patients are being prescribed this particular drug from their physicians, and consuming it for long durations with positive effects.


Mechanisms of action unique with respect to other common anti-diabetic drugs


Possible to be taken in different doses, according to the response, this drug has been in the market for many years now. There have been many good reports from various physicians and its mechanisms have become clearer. Although there are still more studies needed for its exact mechanisms, these biguanides are believed to act in suppressing the gluconeogenesis in the liver. This leads to the lowering of the blood glucose level. There is also greater glucose uptake into the skeletal muscles and the fat tissue so that the insulin resistance is overcome. As a result, there are many good effects seen with metformin, which is not found with other anti-diabetic drugs. There is lowering of the glucose level in the blood as the glycogen storage is increased in the skeletal muscle, reduced lipid synthesis in the adipose tissue, and few other indirect beneficial effects.


Many positive features help this drug become the drug of choice in diabetes


This drug is unique in its action at controlling blood sugar levels. For this reason, this drug has become the first line drug for diabetes treatment. It may be prescribed on its own or it may also be used in combination with other drugs if needed. Some new drugs have entered the market for treating diabetes but this drug still remains the preferred choice while the newer ones are being properly checked and studied for their efficiency and results.

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