Nirtran 5D Infusion, Dextran/ Dextrose

Nirtran 5D Infusion

Dextran/ Dextrose

Nirtran 5D Infusion

500 ml

Nirlife Healthcare


Dextran 40 10 g / Dextrose 5 g




Dextrose is used in short term fluid replacement after trauma.

How it Works

Dextrose is a large molecular weight substance. Dextrose remains restricted to the blood vessels and generates oncotic pressure which means it generates pressure produced by proteins in the blood.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Dextrose include the symptoms below;




Dextran is used for the treatment of hypovolemia which is a condition known as decreased volume of circulating blood plasma

How it Works

Dextran is known as a plasma volume expander which is made from natural sources of sugar such as glucose. Dextran works by restoring blood plasma lost through severe bleeding. Severe blood loss can decrease oxygen levels and can lead to organ failure, brain damage, coma, and possibly death. Plasma is needed to circulate red blood cells that deliver oxygen throughout the body, thus Dextran works to allow this to happen.

Common Side effects

Patients who take Dextran may suffer from such side effects;

weak or shallow breathing,
Light headedness,
Joint pain,

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