Vital Information on Generic Livial Tibolone for Hormone Replacement Therapy

Title: Vital Information on Generic Livial Tibolone for Hormone Replacement Therapy


Tibolone under the trade name Livial is a synthetic steroid hormone medication, used principally for the treatment of symptoms related to menopause known as endometriosis. Reasonably non-selective in its binding profile, Tibolone works as an agonist that can be combined with all 5 of the Type I steroid hormone receptors such as androgen, estrogen, progesterone, glucocorticoid, and mineralocorticoid.

Generic Livial is also used as a hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women. Though it exhibits similar or greater effectiveness in comparison to more former hormone replacement medications, it carries a side effect profile quite close to them. Various studies have indicated its likely use for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in females. However, the patients have to weigh the benefits of generic Livial (Tibolone) against the known adverse effects of this drug.

Tibolone is defined as a selective tissue estrogenic activity regulator or STEAR and functions similar to estrogen to strengthen bones. That’s why it is approved for the treatment of osteoporosis in 55 nations. Generic Livial also keeps hot flashes related to menopause at bay and at the same time, averts the well-known cancer-promoting impacts of estrogen in the breast. The drug is commercialized chiefly in Europe and has got license in 90 countries to aid in relieving symptoms linked to menopause. Organon was the first company to launch Livial in the Netherlands in the year 1988.

Livial (Tibolone) is an oral medication taken once daily. In most cases, it is well-tolerated by patients and offers a complete treatment alternative for women post-menopause. Many exceptional benefits of Tibolone give it an edge over estrogen and progestogen therapies. Making use of this medication, you can predominately ward off the unwanted consequences on the breast and endometrium because patients using other therapies usually experience breast ontogenesis, tenderness, and monthly withdrawal bleeds. An intensive and challenging clinical study is being carried out to discover more tissue-selective benefits of Livial. Approximately 10,000 women have involved themselves in this exhaustive program.

Before embarking on the treatment with generic Livial (Tibolone), it is very essential that you inform your healthcare provider about your past and present health conditions. You should also tell your physician about the prescription and over-the-counter drugs you’re currently taking. These must include vitamins, minerals or herbal products.

Livial (Tibolone) is not immune from side effects. There are some common side effects to deal with such as headache, lightheadedness, blizzard, itchiness, weight alterations, upset stomach, breast soreness or pain, vaginal scratching or release, bigger growth of facial hair and amnesia.

Generic Livial is contraindicated in case of pregnancy and serious liver disorders. Women who are having identified or alleged hormone dependent tumors should not use this medication. Other circumstances where the use of Tibolone is prohibited include blood vessel or cerebrovascular disorders such as thromboembolic, thrombophelebitis actions or a past occurrence of these conditions, and unknown vaginal bleeding.

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