A Note on Various Risks Associated with Generic Propecia Oral Drug

Why need to use generic Finasteride  (Propecia) with proper prescription 

The presence of certain types of male hormones in excess amounts in the body leads to a number of medical conditions. Propecia is a prescription drug that inhibits the secretion and absorption of such male hormones that contribute to male pattern baldness, enlargement of the prostate (BPH) without any relation to cancer, and prostate cancer.

Associated with the generic name Finasteride, Propecia is manufactured by Merck & Co. Finasteride is also promoted under a wide range of brand names such as Proscar, Fincar, Finpecia, Finalo, Appecia, Alternova, Gefina, and Finast. According to the directions of the manufacturer, it is meant for use by adult men only. Women or children should not use Propecia. However, it is prescribed for women suffering from hair loss on odd occasion.

Categorized as an inhibitor of type II 5-alpha reductase enzyme, Finasteride blocks this enzyme that transfers testosterone (a powerful male hormone) to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), therefore decreasing DHT levels in the scalp. As a result, this can turn around hair loss because of male-pattern baldness.

Women who are expecting a baby or might be expectant in the near future should not at all take generic Propecia or touch cracked, squeezed or soaked Propecia pills. As per the US Food and Drug Administration, the active component in Propecia is well-known to cause potential congenital disorders (birth defects) in the reproductive organs of male babies. This is a possibility if generic Propecia is either gulped down or soaked up through the skin of a mother. Keeping this mind, the entire Propecia pills are supplied with a coating that makes them secure to hold.

An adult female may be directed to generic Propecia for loss of hair. But, she needs to abide by certain conditions such as she should be either post-menopausal or otherwise incapable of reproducing, or employing birth control watchfully. Various studies are yet to indicate the assistance of Finasteride in decreasing female-pattern hair loss. Nevertheless, it can help to treat a condition called hirsutism in women that implies excessive hairiness on the face, back and chest.

Men who make use of generic Propecia for baldness or prostate-related troubles may experience side effects such as reduced libido or sex drive, trouble obtaining or maintaining an erection, and inability with achieving an orgasm. There may be also less production of semen than normal and other ejaculation problems. Merck says that these adverse effects disappear in less than two weeks after stopping Propecia, but a medical bureau revealed in 2008 that these effects can pose long-standing harms.

Some findings indicate that generic Propecia may induce signs of depression. A group of scientists acknowledged in 2006 that their investigation showed substantial increases in depression amongst males who received this medication. The investigators advocated that individuals with a high threat of depression should steer clear of the drug. Inform your medical practitioner instantly if you experience breast symptoms such as pain, lumps, or nipple discharge while using generic Propecia.

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