Alphagan Eye Drop, Brimonidine

Alphagan Eye Drop


Alphagan Eye Drop


Allergan India Pvt Ltd

Eye Drops

0.2% w/v


Brimonidine topical

Brimonidine is used in the treatment of Glaucoma caused by ocular hypertension.
How it Works
Brimonidine help to reduce eye pressure in people with ocular hypertension, and to prevent further eye damage in people with glaucoma.Brimonidine works by reducing the amount of fluid that is made in the front part of the eye, called aqueous humour and by increasing the drainage of fluid from the eye. These two actions help to lower the pressure within the eye.
Common Side effects
Some of the potential side effects of Brimonidine can include the symptoms below; Headache, Burning sensation in eye, Conjunctival hyperemia , Fatigue, Stinging in the eyes, Foreign body sensation in eyes, Blurred vision, Dry mouth, Drowsiness, Eye itching, Allergic reaction in eye.

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