Generic Platinol, Cisplatin Injection

Cisplatin Injection is a platinum-containing compound that is prescribed, alone or in combination with other drugs, for the treatment of various types of cancer.



Cisplatin, Cistero, Celplat1


Cipla, Hetero Drugs

Injection, Vial

10 mg, 50 mg



Cisplatin is used in the treatment of various type of cancer such as Lung cancer, Advanced bladder cancer, Metastatic testicular tumors, Cervical cancer and Metastatic ovarian tumors. You should not take cisplatin if you have kidney disease, bone marrow suppression, or hearing loss.
How it Works
Cisplatin is known as an anti cancer medication. Cisplatin works by damaging the genetic material or the DNA of the cancer cells . This then interferes with the growth of cancer cells and slows the cancer cell growth and spread in the body.
Common Side effects
Some of the potential side effects of Cisplatin can include the symptoms below; Bone marrow suppression, Hearing problems, Kidney problems, Nausea, Reduced blood platelets, Diarrhoea, Increased liver enzyme, Vomiting

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