Duovir EP, Lamivudine/ Zidovudine

Duovir EP

Lamivudine/ Zidovudine

Duovir EP




Lamivudine 150 mg / Zidovudine 300 mg



Duovir EP is used together with other anti-retroviral medicines in the treatment of HIV-1 infection and chronic hepatitis b virus (HBV) infection.
How it Works
Duovir EP is a nucleoside analogue, it works by destroying CD4 helper cells and stopping the HIV virus from spreading.It blocks the action of the Reverse Transcriptase enzyme which helps the virus replicate, this results in destroying the viral HIV chain
Common Side effects
Patients who take Duovir EP may suffer from such side effects; Fatigue, Headache, Insomnia, Dyspepsia, Nausea, Cramps and Abdominal pain, Dizziness, Ear and/or Nasal infection, Sore throat, Skin rash, Muscle pain, Fever, Chills, Diarrhoea