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  • Dorzolamide/ Timolol Eyedrop

    Dorzolamide/ Timolol Eyedrop

    Generic Name: Dorzolamide/ Timolol
    Form: Eye Drop
    Strength: Dorzolamide 20mg/ml/ Timolol 5mg/ml
    Out of Stock.
  • Sodium Cromoglycate/Benzalkonium

    Sodium Cromoglycate/Benzalkonium

    Generic Name: Sodium Cromoglycate
    Form: Eye Drop
    Strength: 4%
  • Prednefrin Forte Eye Drop

    Prednefrin Forte Eye Drop

    Generic Name: Prednisolone Acetate/ Phenylephrine Hydrochloride/ Benzalkonium Chloride
    Form: Eye Drop
    Strength: (Each ml contains) Prednisolone Acetate 10mg/ Phenylephrine Hydrochloride 1.2mg/ Benzalkonium Chloride 40mcg
    Out of Stock.