Facts about Skelaxin Metaxalone as a Muscle Relaxant

It is no more a secret that Skelaxin (Metaxalone) marketed by King Pharmaceuticals is a top-class medication for the treatment acute, painful muscle spasms associated with strains, sprains or other muscle injuries. Skelaxin is approved to be prescribed for adults and children equal to or more than 12 years old. The medication is available in 400 or 800 mg scored tablet form with comparatively low occurrence of side effects. As a moderately strong muscle relaxant, Metaxalone must be used in combination with physical therapy, rest and exercise to be far more effective.

Oral Skelaxin tablets are generally taken at a dose of 800 mg three to four times per day. There is no restriction whether you take Skelaxin with or without food. Nevertheless, taking it with food increases the medication levels in the blood that may lead to an increased risk of side effects.

The mechanism of action of Metaxalone in human body is still uncertain. It may work by inhibiting nerve impulses or pain sensations in the central nervous system. There is no direct action of the medication on the contracted mechanism of skeletal muscle, the motor end plate or the nerve fiber.

Skelaxin tablets have not been confirmed for absolute bioavailability too. The metabolic process of Skelaxin is carried out by the liver. The drug after metabolism is excreted in the urine as unknown substances. Another undetermined fact of Skelaxin is the effect of age, gender, hepatic, and renal disease on the pharmacology of the drug. That’s why patients with hepatic and/or renal disability as well as elderly people must use the medication with high degree of caution.

Death cases have been reported with the overdoses of muscle relaxants, taken either deliberately or accidentally. Skelaxin proves to be fatal if used in combination with anti-depressants and/or alcohol. Symptoms of overdose may also include feeling light-headed or fainting, slow or shallow breathing, or excessive sleepiness. Seek emergency medical help in case of overdoses of the drug.

Certain side effects of Metaxalone may mar your intellection or reactions. So, you need to be extra cautious while driving, running machines or doing any activity that requires mental alertness. Avoid alcohol intake during the treatment as it can aggravate some of the side effects of Skelaxin.

When you take certain medications with Metaxalone, drug interactions may occur. These interactions may aggravate the risk of side effects such as drowsiness, difficulty breathing, confusion, etc. The drugs or substances that interact with Skelaxin include alcohol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and sleep medications. It is highly imperative that you talk to your physician before taking Skelaxin with any of these drugs.


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