Himalaya Bonnispaz Drops Relieves Colic

Bonnispaz Relieves Colic Drops is an ayurvedic medication that contains all natural ingredients for the treatment of colic which is a digestive condition where the stomach muscles spasms. Bonnispaz Relieves Colic Drops works to relive these muscle spasms and also protects the gastrointestinal mucous and expels gas.

Himalaya Bonnispaz Drops

Caraway (Krishnajiraka)/ Bishopโ€™s Weed (Yavani)/ Ginger (Sunthi)

Himalaya Bonnispaz Drops




Carum carvi 0.69 mg / Carum copticum 0.69 mg / Zingiber officinale 0.46 mg)


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