Himalaya Herbolax for Chronic Constipation

Herbolax Chronic Constipation contains all natural ingredients which work to soften stool and encourage intestinal motility which directly works to relieve acute and chronic constipation. Herbolax Chronic Constipation has a laxative property which helps in reducing constipation without upsetting the stomach.

Himalaya Herbolax

Trivruth/ Haritaki/ Kasani/ Kasamarda/ Kakamachi/ Yashtimadhu/ Sunthi/ Vidanga

Himalaya Herbolax



Capsule, Tablet

Trivruth 70mg/ Haritaki 50mg/ Kasani 50mg/ Kasamarda 50mg/ Kakamachi 40mg/ Yashtimadhu 40mg/ Sunthi 45mg/ Vidanga 10mg


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