Mechanism of Action of Lipitor Atorvastatin & Its Comparison with Crestor

Title: Mechanism of Action of Lipitor Atorvastatin & Its Comparison with Crestor


Lipitor carrying the generic name Atorvastatin is a popular medication applied to care for those individuals having high cholesterol levels. If you closely analyze its mechanism of action, you’ll find that Lipitor functions by stamping down the bad cholesterol or other fatty substances in the blood. Particularly speaking, Lipitor acts by reducing the levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol or bad cholesterol in the blood flow. Reducing these cholesterol levels can provide protection against cardiopathy, heart failure, vascular diseases, and strokes.

Generic Lipitor is grouped under a class of drugs called statins. A statin is a substance that operates in the liver to inhibit the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase. This particular enzyme can be credited with the production LDL cholesterol in the system. As soon as this bad cholesterol has been discharged from the liver, it can get immobilized on the layers of the arterial blood vessels. As the depositories spring up, they entrap increased amounts of cholesterol in the artery until the artery is choked up. Generic Lipitor (Atorvastatin) decreases the amount of LDL constituted by constraining the quantity of enzymes that produce cholesterol. The possibility of an obstructed artery comes down to a minimum due to lower amount of cholesterol being released into the blood flow.

You must not use generic Lipitor if you have been detected with diabetes (polygenic disorder), an under-active thyroid gland or kidney disease (nephropathy). People who are expectant or may become expectant in the coming days should not use Lipitor as it may make substantial harms to the growing fetus or an unborn baby. It may also diminish the outcomes of certain birth control measures. Therefore, some other techniques of birth control may have to to be employed, e.g. condoms or other non-hormone based techniques. If generic Lipitor (Atorvastatin) is consumed along with alcohol, it may aggravate the danger of life-threatening liver impairment.

Lipitor is not the only drug in this class. Crestor (Rosuvastatin) is another well-known drug belonging to statins. Both these medications are made up to bring cholesterol levels down. Regardless of their resemblance, Lipitor and Crestor also possess their dissimilarities. Both drugs are potent inhibitors of HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme that is accountable for the production rate of cholesterol in the body.

The well-known side effects of Lipitor and Crestor include tenderness of muscles, constipation and nausea, the state that precedes vomiting. Some individuals receiving Crestor (Rosuvastatin) might also have nausea, while those using generic Lipitor may undergo diarrhea. Lipitor has been in the marketplace longer when compared with Crestor and hence has been analyzed more exhaustively. Indeed, it is permitted for a couple of other purposes in addition to decrease in cholesterol level. Those consist of decline in the risk for stroke, coronary failure and pain in the chest (angina).

Generic Crestor can be concomitantly consumed with the juice of grapefruits devoid of any noteworthy undesirable effects. However, generic Lipitor is quite different in this aspect as combining the medication and fruit juice can lead to severe muscle disorders.

Your physician needs to make up his mind which is more beneficial for you in reference to your medical condition. Furthermore, your insurance firm might favor Lipitor over Crestor, or the other way around. That can influence the sum of co-payment you will have to put together. There is possibility

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