Retin-A: Take it from the Expert

After three decades of existence, Retin- A has established a name in terms of acne-medication. It was proven effective not just only to treat acne but it also made major changes to the overall facial appearance of a person. Being approved by the FDA for cosmetic use, recently Retin-A was also considered as anti-aging solution. It is very effective in treating different skin problems. Retin-A is a compound of two active ingredients, the retinoic acid and tretinoin which are present in many cosmetic drugs sold in the market. It can be combined with other ingredients for additional benefits that why you can found other medications of different brand name that contains Retin –A. Retin-A alone comes in a topical medication form such as gel or cream. It is classified into different concentration level that is specially made basing on the different kinds of skin. Retin A basically allows chemical peel to enable to provide speedy exfoliation process and improve the production of collagen. Retin –A must be applied daily and after seven days of frequent application the outer skin layer called stratum comeum will become thin likewise the cells in the epidermis will be motivated to produce a thickened layer. A constant regular application of Retin- A will result to an amazing improvement into your face. It is necessary to have daily skin care to ensure that its results will be maintained. A dermatologist has the knowledge of what type of skin do you have and what kind of treatment do you need so better seek his/her advice before start using any medications. Usually, Retin-A is recommended to be use once a day after washing your face in the evening. Take note of the proper way of applying the medication that is illustrated by your doctor and follow his advice carefully. Your doctor may advice you to have a daily skincare regimen to have an effective result. Retin- A may also exhibit some side effects depending on your type of skin and the strength of the concentrated solution. Although these are rare cases but there are times that this complication happens, they are redness, excessive dryness and swollen or blistered skin. An ointment, cream or oral steroids can help handle this side effects but it must be prescribe by the dermatologist. How much will it cost for the total regimen using Retin-A? The whole treatment that needs six months supply of 45 gram tube plus the doctor’s fee and the daily skin care regimen will incur a total of approximately $180-$750 annually. It pays to have a beautiful skin and the price of this medication is much cheaper compare to its amazing result. Consult your doctor and ask which type of solution is suited to your type of skin. Online Pharmacy offers a much cheaper Retin-A products. Buying through online will not only give you comfort but also an assurance of completely safe and original Retin-A products. Visit them now and avail the big discount that they offer to their valued costumers.

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