TTCab, Cabergoline

TTCab is a dopamine agonist that helps the treatment of a high level of prolactin. TTCab also assists in stopping of breast milk production. 





TTK Healthcar


0.5 mg



TTCab is prescribed for a number of different medical conditions such as, treatment of inconsistent breast milk production, treatment for prolactinoma(non-cancerous swelling in the pituitary gland) which causes infertility, breast changes, and headaches. TTCab is used to treat sexual problems, and bone loss (in women who are not breast-feeding or men). TTCab is also used to treat Parkinson's disease.
How it Works
TTCab works by preventing the production of a chemical called prolactin which is involved in a number of processes within the body, including milk production after childbirth. TTCab therefore helps in constant breast milk production when it is needed. TTCab works by reducing the production of prolactin and helps in the long-term treatment of people with high levels of prolactin(People with Prolactinomas) which causes swelling in the pituitary gland, this directly causes symptoms such as infertility, breast changes, and headaches. TTCab also helps in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. TTCab increases and encourages the release of Dopamine which is used by the brain, brain cells normally pass messages that control the muscles of the body, down nerves in the spinal cord by producing a chemical called dopamine. Damaged cells cant produce dopamine thus directly causing nerve messages to become slow or stop, this causes parkinsons disease which is then treated by TTCab which helps in the release of Dopamine and ease the symptoms.
Common Side effects
Patients who take TTCab may suffer from such side effects; Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, Constipation, Dizziness, Breast pain, Painful menstrual periods, Burning, Numbness, Tingling in the arms,hands, legs, or feet Breathlessness, Headache, Fainting, Vaginal inflammation, Sleepiness, Orthostatic hypotension (sudden lowering of blood pressure on standing), Nasal congestion, Dyspepsia, Fatigue, Angina pectoris, Hallucination, Diarrhoea, Vertigo, Sleep disturbance, Confusion, Peripheral edema, Gastritis, Nose bleed, Increased libido

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