Generic Valtrex, Valaciclovir Tablet

Valaciclovir an antiviral medication is taken for treatment of the Herpes virus. Valaciclovir is used for herpes labialis, genital herpes, cold sores, herpes zoster and a few more conditions.

Generic Valtrex

Valaciclovir (Valacyclovir)

Valcivir, Valclov, Valtoval, Zimivir, Valanext, Valamac, Herpival, Valtrex

3, 21, 30

Protec, Cipla, Sava, Sun Pharma, GSK, Mankind Pharma, Macleods Pharma, KLM Laboratories


500 mg, 1,000 mg

India, Turkey



Valacyclovir is used for the treatment of herpes virus infection which causes herpes labialis, genital herpes infection and herpes zoster.

How it Works

Valacyclovir is an antiviral drug. Valacyclovir is not a cure but it helps lessen symptoms of an infection. Valacyclovir prevents the multiplication of the herpes virus in cells. Thus stops the virus from producing new viruses.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Valacyclovir can include the symptoms below;



Valaciclovir is a drug commonly used in the treatment of viral infections such as herpes, zoster, and herpes simplex. It is an administered pro-drug of acyclovir that works effectively on the herpes virus. It is an antiviral drug and it helps prevent the virus from multiplying. It is also effective in the treatment of infections like active herpes zoster.


This medication is mostly used in the treatment of herpes, cold sores, shingles, or HSV infections of the skin and genital. It is used to treat viral infections and will not be effective against bacterial infections. Take this medicine exactly as prescribed by the physician.

Dosage and administration

It is advised by the doctor to take 500 mg to 1000 mg of the tablets, 1 to 4 times a day, everyday depending on the severity of the infection. Keep an interval of at least 6 hours between doses. Only take the tablet after meals and drink plenty of water during medication. The treatment may lasts up to 7 days for a full course, as prescribed by the doctor. In case you miss a dose, do not take 2 doses at the same time. Simply skip the missed dose and continue with the regular schedule when it is time for your next dose. The doctor would advise you on the proper use of this medicine.


Inform the doctor about your complete medical history, whether you suffer or have suffered from any kidney or liver problems before being prescribed this medication as it can aggravate such diseases.
Pregnant women and breast feeding mothers are to use this medication only if it has been prescribed by the doctor.
Do not use any herbal supplements or other medicine while on this medication as such an action will reduce the desired effect of this medication and may also lead to some side effects.
Inform the doctor if have any existing or past allergies to any substances as the medication may have such substances in its composition. In case you experience any allergies or discomfort while using this medication, stop using this medication and consult the doctor immediately.
Avoid physical relations if the medication is prescribed for genital herpes so as to prevent the virus from being transmitted to your partner.
This medication can make your skin sensitive to sunlight thus avoid prolonged exposure to the sun and extreme warm conditions. Apply sunscreen when you are going out and wear proper clothing to avoid extended exposure to the sun.

Side effects

Valaciclovir is an effective drug in the treatment of viral infections, however, using it may lead to some side effects. Some common side effects are listed below,

Severe headaches.
General feeling of sickness.
Acute diarrhoea.
Itchiness and redness of the skin.
Low blood pressure.
Difficulty breathing.
Low white blood cell count.
A fall in blood platelets count.
Prolonged weakness and tiredness.

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Works as it should. From Cipla in India

Item looks and works exactly like non-generic version, just a lot less expensive for someone without prescription coverage.

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Good Stuff

Simply good. No complaint at all.

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