Various Side Effects of Evista Raloxifene and Its Warnings

Title: Various Side Effects of Evista Raloxifene & Its Warnings


Most postmenopausal women from all over the world rely upon generic Evista (Raloxifene) to get rid of their osteoporosis or bone loss problem. This oral drug works in an effective way to retard bone loss, to make bones solid, and to lower the danger of fractures or ruptures. However, it may cause a number of potential side effects in users as usually happened with any medication.

Taking generic Evista may lead to some common as well as some rare side effects. Common side effects seldom pose a serious threat to users. Most of the time, they die down when the body gets acquainted to the drug. Nevertheless, if those side effects continue to bother you for a long period of time, or get aggravated, it is high time you discuss the issue with your healthcare provider. The list of common side effects includes excessive sweating, leg cramps, persistent joint pain, and flushes.

Generic Evista (Raloxifene) has the potentiality to cause some severe side effects. Patients should seek immediate medical attention if they experience dangerous side effects such as loss of vision, swelling in the breast, unexplained bleeding, one-sided weakness of the body, flu symptoms, pain or discharge, and shortness of breath. Patients using Raloxifene may also experience breast tenderness, lump, abnormal vaginal bleeding, spitting up blood, mental confusion, blurred speech or vision, swelling in arms, hands, feet and legs, and leg or calf pain. All these adverse effects must be dealt with straightway.

Hypersensitivities or allergic reactions may also crop up in the treatment with generic Evista. The cases of allergic reactions should be addressed instantly with urgent medical aid. Some symptoms of these reactions include constriction in chest, difficulty breathing, itching, erupting into hives, rashes, and swelling of mouth, tongue, lips and face.

Though effective, everybody cannot be recommended to use generic Evista (Raloxifene). People who should steer clear of this drug include pregnant and nursing women, those with known allergic reaction to Raloxifene, and those who have suffered from a blood clot.

Overdoses of generic Evista necessitate immediate medical attention. Whether a person has taken overdoses of Raloxifene or not can be detected through some common symptoms such as leg cramps and lightheadedness.

It is advised to take the missed dose of Evista as soon as you remember. However, if a short period of time is left to take the next dose, you should skip the forgotten dose altogether and restart your normal dosing program. Never try to take double doses to make up for the lost one.

Generic Evista (Raloxifene) should be stored at a dark, dry place away from moisture and light. A room temperature between 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-25 degrees Celsius is allowed for storage of the medication. You should not store it in the bathroom. Keep the drug at a place where it is not easily accessible to children and pets.

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