Vertidiz, Cinnarizine/ Dimenhydrinate

Vertidiz is used in the treatment of vertigo. Vertidiz is a calcium channel antagonist where it prevents the constriction of blood vessels in the inner ear. Vertidiz works to improve microcirculation and improves balance


Cinnarizine/ Dimenhydrinate



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Cinnarizine 20 mg / Dimenhydrinate 40 mg



Cinnarizine is used in the treatment of problems affecting the inner ear and balance, such as dizziness and sickness and preventing travel sickness.

How it Works

Cinnarizine is known as a non-competitive antagonist of smooth muscle contractions caused by various vasoactive agents for example like histamine. Cinnarizine selectively inhibits Ca influx into depolarised cells, thereby reducing free Ca ions available for the induction and maintenance of contraction. Cinnarizine works by preventing constriction of the blood vessels of the inner ear. This improves the microcirculation of the ear.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Cinnarizine can include the symptoms below;

Weight gain,



Dimenhydrinate is used in the treatment of allergic disorders, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness associated with motion sickness.

How it Works

Dimenhydrinate is known as an antihistamine. Dimenhydrinate reduces the effects of natural chemical histamine in the body, histamine is responsible for inflammation, congestion, itching, and other allergic reactions. .

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of Dimenhydrinate can include the symptoms below;

Feeling Drowsy

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