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Virilex box and tablets
  • Virilex composition


US Brand Name Virilex
Generic Name Mucuna Pruriens/ Withania Somnifera/ Glycyrrhiza Glabra/ Myristica Fragrans/ Tribulus Terrestris/ Tinospora Cordifolia/ Ipomoea Digitata/ Curculigo Orchioides
Other Brand Name Virilex
Packing 20
Manufacturer TTK Healthcare
Form Tablet
Strength Mucuna Pruriens 155mg/ Withania Somnifera 100mg/ Glycyrrhiza Glabra 25mg/ Myristica Fragrans 15mg/ Tribulus Terrestris 25mg/ Tinospora Cordifolia 50mg/ Ipomoea Digitata 50mg/ Curculigo Orchioides 50mg
Country India

  • 20 tab $20.65
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