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Worm infections

Netazox, Nitazoxanide 500 mg, 200 mg
D Worm Suspension, Mebendazole 100 mg/5 mL Out of Stock.
Yomesan, Niclosamide 500mg Out of Stock.
Pyrantel Pamoate Oral Paste Generic Strongid
438.846 mg/g
Out of Stock.
Febacip Plus Praziquantel Pyrantel Febantel
Broadline Spot On Solution for Cats Fipronil S Methoprene ...
Advantix Spot On for Dogs Imidacloprid Permethrin
Allerderm Spot On for Dogs Ceramides Fatty Acids
Clinar Shampoo for Dogs Cypermethrin
1.0% w/w /
Worm trap Praziquantel Pyrantel Pamoate ...
50 mg/144 mg/150 mg for pet
Worm trap - P Pyrantel Febantel
14.4 mg / 15 mg
Fiprofort Spray, Fipronil Generic Frontline