Haemgrow Syrup
  • Haemgrow Syrup
  • 钠Feredetate B.P,相当于元素铁,维生素B12 I.P,叶酸I.P 药水

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Haemgrow Syrup

Haemgrow Syrup is used for the treatment of anemia caused by lack of nutrition, pregnancy or infancy. Haemgrow Syrup works by encouraging megaloblastic bone marrow to product normoblastic marrow.
US Brand Name Haemgrow
Generic Name Sodium Feredetate B.P, Equivalent to elemental iron, Vitamin B12 I.P, Folic acid I.P
Other Brand Name Haemgrow
Packing 1
Manufacturer Fem Care
Form Syrup & Folic acid tab
Strength Sodium Feredetate B.P 231mg, Equivalent to elemental iron 33mg, Vitamin B12 I.P 7.5mcg / Folic acid I.P 500mcg

  • 150mg Syrup + Folic acid tabs $5.00
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