Alprovit Plus Syrup

Alprovit Plus Syrup is used as a nutritional supplement, it contains several nutrients that helps in the treatment of iron deficiency and other vitamin deficiencies.

Alprovit Plus Syrup

Protein/ Vitamin B6/ D-Panthenol/ Niacinamide/ Iron Choline Citrate/ Zinc/ Magnesium Chloride/ Manganese Chloride

Alprovit Plus Syrup


Alkem Laboratories


Each 5 mL contains Protein 333 mg / Vitamin B6 0.75 mg / D-Panthenol 2.5 mg / Niacinamide 22.5 mg / Iron Choline Citrate 15 mg / Zinc 2.66 mg / Magnesium Chloride 3.33 mg / Manganese Chloride 0.03 mg

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