Antabus, Disulfiram

Antabuse is used for the treatment of chronic alcoholism. Antabuse is an enzyme that is responsible for metabolizing alcohol intake. Antabuse can prevent a person from continuously drinking because of the unpleasant side effects it can cause.

Generic Antabuse






250 mg

Turkey, India


Antabuse is used for the treatment of alcohol dependency.
How it Works
Antabuse works by blocking an enzyme that is involved in metabolizing alcohol intake. Usually the body breaks alcohol down into a substance called acetaldehyde. This is then broken down further so that it can be removed from the body. Antabuse works in this situation by blocking the enzyme which breaks down the acetaldehyde. This leads to high levels of acetaldehyde in your blood and causes an unpleasant effect.
Common Side effects
Some of the potential side effects of Antabuse can include the symptoms below; Headache, Skin rash, Metallic taste, Dizziness, Weakness, Restlessness, Gastrointestinal disturbance, Tremor.

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