Ayurslim (Garcinia/ Guggulu)

Ayurslim (Garcinia/Indian Bdellium/Gymnema/Chebulic Myrobalan/Fenugreek) is a natural Ayurvedic slimming solution. It also helps improve lipid profile.

Himalaya Ayurslim

Garcinia/ Guggulu

Himalaya Ayurslim






Ayurslim is used in weight loss, slimming and fat burning. Ayurslim is also used in the reduction of cravings for sweets.

How it Works

Ayurslim is an ayurvedic formulation of pure herbs which works to regulate fat production and utilization. Ayurslim also helps to eliminate craving for sweers and helps to normalize the energy production and utilization in the body thus directly helping in weight loss. Ayurslim also helps to inhibit fatty acid synthesis which helps to reduce fat accumulation.

Common Side effects

Some of the side effects that may be experienced with usage of ayurslim is stomach aches and irregular bowel movements. Mostly there are no side effects experienced

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