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SII-ONCO-BCG BCG for Immunotherapy
  • SII-ONCO-BCG BCG for Immunotherapy  Serum Institute of India

BCG Vaccine

BCG Vaccine is a vaccine for Tuberculosis (TB) disease. BCG Vaccine is usually prescribed at a young age to create an immune response within the person.
US Brand Name BCG Vaccine
Generic Name BCG Vaccine
Other Brand Name BCG
Packing 10 dose
Manufacturer Serum
Form Injection

  • 10 Doses $25.90
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Bcg Vaccine is used for the treatment and precention of Tuberculosis and Phthisis

How it Works

BCG Vaccine vaccine works by controlling the harmful effects of tuberculosis on the body. BCG Vaccine vaccine works by stimulating the body's immune system to respond to the weakened bacterial infection to create a strong protective barrier against it.

Common Side effects

Some of the potential side effects of BCG Vaccine Vaccine can include the symptoms below;

A large abscess (collection of pus) at the injection site,
Infection of the glands